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When the founder of Dope Racks returned to the San Francisco Bay Area he had to downsize from a house with plenty of storage space to an apartment with limited storage space.  An avid cyclist with a nicer steel framed bike, he did not want to store his bike in the open bike storage in the apartment complex garage where it would be exposed to damage and potential theft.  So, he began looking for a solution that would allow him to store his bike in his apartment. 


While there were a lot of inexpensive options for hanging the bike on the wall, none of them provided the cool look he wanted to make the bike a feature in his space.  Inspiration for the bike rack would come from a wall mounted wine rack he had purchased years ago and a live edge wood coffee table he saw in a family friend’s home.  He figured if the cool elements of the table could be combined with the functional elements of the wine rack, he could create his unique solution. 


After sourcing a piece of wood from a local mill, he made the first bike rack and hung it in his living room.  The rack was an instant hit with friends and family that would come visit.  It became the primary conversation starter in his home.  People would regularly ask about the bike, the rack, how he got into cycling, his cycling adventures, and how they could get a bike rack of their own.  When he realized how big a hit the bike rack had become, he began to wonder how many other people would like to share his experience.  And with that bit of inspiration, Dope Racks was born.


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